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The overall benefit of studying Chuan Fa is to provide you with the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual tools to get what you want out of life without hurting others unnecessarily: whilst at the same time being highly skilled to successfully defend against any street attack or other type of life conflict.

Because the Chuan Fa system is a freestyle system, it will mean different things to different people. However, all students are asked to associate the essence of Chuan Fa into their Thoughts and Hearts. They are:

  • Try Your Best in Everything You Do
  • Never Ever give Up
  • Your Maximum to their Minimum
  • I See, I Am, I Have, I Will, ENJOY

The Chuan Fa system in Sydney was founded by Master Kevin Morris in 1980. Before then Master Kevin trained and had Kempo Karate schools in New Zealand. The name Chuan Fa translates to mean “Fist Way” and initially drew its origins from the Kempo Karate system. In 1984 Kevin Morris changed the direction of the system by softening it and moving the art more towards Kung Fu and Progressive Freestyle Martial Arts. At that point in time Master Kevin changed the name of the school from Kempo Bushido Ryu to Chuan Fa School of Martial Arts.

The system was handed down to Sifu John Bedwany in 1990. Since then Sifu John and his senior Black Belt Instructors have studied under many world renowned Masters & Grand Masters to deepen the art to focus not only on the physical & mental levels but also the emotional & spiritual levels of one’s being.

 Photos courtesy of David Elliott